How to reset wordpress theme?


When you reset your WordPress theme, you can start over with the theme’s basic settings, effectively starting your website over from scratch. It’s similar to selecting the reset button in a video game, when you start the level from scratch. But what is the precise process for achieving this? Don’t worry; this comprehensive guide will take care of everything for you.

First step: make a backup of your website

It’s imperative to backup all of your files and data before making any big modifications to your website. This guarantees you have a backup plan in case the reset procedure doesn’t go as planned. You have the option to manually backup your files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), use plugins like UpdraftPlus, or export your database using

Step 2: Go to the Dashboard in WordPress

Open the WordPress dashboard and log in. This is the center of all the magic. Everything on your website, including themes, plugins, and content, is at your control from this point.

Step 3: Go to the Section on Themes

Navigate to “Appearance” from the dashboard menu, then select “Themes.” A list of every theme that is presently installed on your website may be found here. Locate the theme you wish to reset, then confirm that it is turned on.

Step 4: Set up and make use of the WordPress Reset Plugin.

We advise utilizing the WP Reset plugin to make the reset procedure simpler. Installing it straight from the WordPress plugin directory is possible. Activate the plugin after installation.the WordPress Reset Plugin is a valuable tool for maintaining and troubleshooting your WordPress website. By following the steps outlined in this guide and exercising caution, you can effectively reset your WordPress installation and unlock its full potential.

Step 5:Change the WordPress Theme

Once the WP Reset plugin is active, go to your dashboard’s “Tools” section and choose “WP Reset.” After you scroll down, locate the “Reset Theme Options” area. A list of all the themes that are installed on your website may be found here. Click the “Reset” button next to the theme you wish to change.

Step 6:Confirm the resetractive Heading

You’ll get a confirmation window to make sure you want to carry out the reset. Verify again that you have chosen the correct theme, as resetting will remove any settings and information associated with the theme. To be sure, click “Reset” to make sure.

Step 7: Turn Your Theme Back On

You’ll need to reactivate your theme after the reset is finished. Return to your dashboard and find the “Themes” section under “Appearance.” Locate the theme that you want to reset, then select “Activate.”

Step 8: Customize Your Theme (Optional)

Your theme has been returned to its original settings, giving you a blank canvas to work with. Use this chance to personalize your theme however you see fit. You can alter layouts, colors, typefaces, and other elements to better fit your website’s vision.

Step 9: Verify Your Website

Make sure everything is working as it should on your website by thoroughly testing it before deploying your newly modified theme. Look for any missing text, incorrect formatting, or broken links.

Step 10:Publish Your Changes

Publish your revised website for public viewing as soon as you’re happy with the modifications. Best wishes! Your WordPress theme has been successfully reset, giving your website a new look and feel!

In conclusion,changing your WordPress theme can be a useful tool for improving your website or fixing problems. You can confidently reset your theme with the knowledge that you have the ability to shape your website into the exact design you choose, provided you take the necessary safety measures. Okay, press that reset button.

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